“We didn’t come to WWE to compete with two clowns like Breezango,” Kevin Owens said before the match. Sami Zayn echoed the sentiments and said a Kickoff Show match against two jokes like Tyler Breeze and Fandango was a disgrace.

Owens reminded fans that he won both his first Intercontinental and Universal Championships in Toyota Center. Zayn reiterated that the war between Raw and SmackDown is not their fight and was looking to continue speaking when Breezango’s music interrupted.

"It's violation time," Tyler Breeze said ahead of the opening bell.

Fandango sent Zayn to the floor, when he joined Owens heading into the break.

The babyfaces continued to control the match after the commercial, working over Zayn as the complete and utter lack of energy in the arena continued to haunt the Kickoff Show bouts. The Underdog from the Underground caught Breeze with a boot to the side of the face, turning the tide in his team's favor.

Owens ran his mouth as he trapped Breeze in a side headlock, his frustration on full display.

Breeze countered the former universal champion and made the hot tag to Fandango, who unloaded on both opponents.

Ultimately, Zayn pulled Owens out of harm's way and Owens delivered a Popup Powerbomb to Fandango for the win. 



Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn defeated Breezango






A year ago, Zayn was involved in a really fun, underrated Intercontinental Championship match against The Miz. Owens was the universal champion. This year, they are relegated to the Kickoff Show against a comedy act that, while over, is nowhere near the level of either man.

Breezango was fine here, particularly late when Fandango exploded into the match off a hot tag, but no one bought for a second that they could conceivably beat the duo of Owens and Zayn.

Maybe the heels use this match as evidence of unfair treatment by Shane McMahon but as it stands now, this was a complete an utter waste of their talent.

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