Ronda Rousey attacked Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Ronda Rousey didn’t win the Raw Women’s Championship last night because Alexa Bliss cashed in Money in the Bank and stole the title. Which means, now, that everybody has to pay.

The Baddest Woman on the Planet stormed the ring in the middle of Little Miss Bliss’ coronation ceremony, and unsurprisingly her aggression got the better of her when the champion gloated over the one-two punch of stealing Rousey's spotlight and exploiting her unfamiliarity with WWE-style rules. ("Overhyped rookie" was the insult that did it.) Ronda did end up putting Bliss through a table, but Kurt Angle ended up taking a judo throw and a series of swings with the briefcase from an incensed Rousey when he tried to keep the peace — as did a couple of referees.

Given the outburst, Angle wasn't convinced Ronda "got it" when she insisted she knew how WWE works: Once he caught up with Rousey backstage, the GM handed The Baddest Woman on the Planet a 30-day suspension from Raw as a result of her actions. As for the championship itself, Nia Jax (absent from tonight's show thanks to a physical therapy session) has evoked her rematch clause for Extreme Rules, which means Bliss has her hands full for the time being. But Rousey made her motives clear as she made her exit from Raw: She’s coming for Bliss once her suspension is up, whether she has the title by then or not.

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